The group exports high quality polyester and cotton bed-sheets, bed covers, pillow covers, and duvets to Germany and France. The group manufactures and exports this product from our unit in Pali, Rajasthan.
Kitange (African Prints):  
Kitange is printed on cotton and polyester fabrics that entail a varied range of intricate finishing. Kitange is not only an African speciality but also happens to be a basic necessity in a woman’s wardrobe in Africa. The group is one of the largest exporters of this product. It exports Kitange to markets in Sengal, Mauritania, Banjul, Abidjan, Burkina Faso, Mali, Lome, Nigeria, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Rwanda, and Madagascar.


Khanga is a traditional item in the east cost of Africa. It is designed with slogans in Swahili and is worn daily by the African women in this region.
Voile is a high quality textile fabric often exported to the Middle-east mainly Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. They are either polyester voiles, or high twisted voiles in cotton and polyester, manufactured in widths of 58”, 44” and 36”.
Sudanese Items:  
The group exports high quality cotton textiles embroidered or printed, similar to the textile products made in Switzerland. These products are exported to war affected areas of Sudan, due to their durability and low cost. The group also exports voiles in polyester with dobby and jacquard prints.
Senegalese Items:  
Includes cotton fabrics with jacquard laces either printed or dyed. They often entail high quality rubber and gold prints. The group also exports plain dyed Voile to Senegal.